MedEvac WeatherSAFE

Medevac EMS Helicopter operations now have a safe, effective solution to immediately alert them of prior weather turn-downs.

Mitigate “Helicopter Shopping" with MedEvac WeatherSAFE Online Command Center

MedEvac WeatherSAFE gives you an immediate heads up. You’ll know immediately if a previous request in your flight zone has been rejected, the requesting agency, the exact time, date, and weather conditions which prompted the turn down — and more…

  • Tested and Proven Statewide in Virginia

    graphs The MedEvac WeatherSAFE application is currently being used throughout Virginia.
  • Immediate Desktop Alerts

    Desktop alerts Alert Pop-Ups immediately notify all designated members in their area of a weather turn-down in the event they are called for the same incident.
  • Enhances fly or no-fly Decisions

    graphs Provides immediate knowledge of potentially hazardous conditions such as fog, temporary physical hazards and rapidly changing weather.
  • Easy to Use and Implement

    graphs Member operators sign-up online, designate their member teams and start using the system.
  • All In One 24/7 Web-Based Solution

    graphs Members access MedEvac Alert wherever and whenever required right from their desktops. An important tool for local, state, regional, interstate – even international –EMS organizations and operators.
  • Secure, redundant servers

    graphs All of our major systems (ping, power, and pipe) are redundant, and we actively and consistently monitor all servers and required services for availability.